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Administrator Job Descriptions

Administrators include our principals, assistant principals, directors, and other District leaders.  

Certified Job Descriptions

Certified staff include a wide variety of employees such as classroom teachers, coaches, interventionists, and coordinators.

Hourly Building and Grounds Job Descriptions

Positions can include a wide variety of custodial and maintenance skills, such as HVAC, plumbing, general maintenance, janitorial etc.

Hourly Classified Job Descriptions

This support group is our most diverse set of job descriptions, and includes secretaries, classroom support, Information Technology, Human Resources, Payroll, and more.

Hourly Food and Nutrition Job Descriptions

Hourly Food and Nutrition includes our Cooks, Assistant Cooks, Food Service Sub Finder, and other food service employees. This group ensures that our students are well fed to keep their minds going all day. 

Increment/Extra Duty/Coach/Advisor

These job descriptions cover some of our incremented positions. To learn more about incremented positions, contact our HR department at humanresources@ecasd.us

Non-Affiliated Job Descriptions

Non-Affiliated includes another wide variety of job descriptions. Some of these positions include, managerial roles, Executive Assistants, Information Technology, Accounting, and more.