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Human Resources

The Eau Claire Area School District (ECASD) employs approximately 1,400 full and part-time employees and is responsible for the education of approximately 11,300 students. Employees are grouped into several categories: Administration, Buildings & Grounds, Certified, Classified, Extra-Curricular, Food & Nutrition, and Non-Affiliated staff. Vacancies at all levels will be posted on a regular basis. In order for a candidate to be considered for any position, a completed application (on-line) must be on file in the Human Resources Department. The Eau Claire Area School District accepts applications throughout the year. 
The Human Resources Department of the ECASD is responsible for the development, implementation and administration of the recruitment, selection, and other employment policies and procedures of the ECASD. It is charged with developing those policies, which are designed to attract and retain the best-qualified and available employees to provide services and support programs directed towards the education of the children of the community. In addition, the Human Resources Department performs many other functions on behalf of the school district such as administering the school district's equal employment policies and procedures as well as ensuring the district's compliance to all local, state and federal laws and regulations designed to provide and ensure equal employment opportunities for all individuals of the community.


Photograph of KAy Marks

Kay Marks

Executive Director of Human Resources
The Executive Director of Human Resources is responsible for recruitment, utilization, development and evaluation of staff;  initiation and coordination of contracts/employee handbook and other agreements; coordination of employee benefits/programs; and, maintenance of personnel data in cooperation with the Business Office.  (715) 852-3051
Patricia Arthur
Substitute System Operator for employees
Manages AESOP Sub-Finder System between 6:00-8:00 a.m.
(715) 852-3055
Brandon Wick
HR Systems/Project Specialist
Develops and implements the HR Management Information System, position budgeting, report writing, and salary/fringe benefit computations. (715) 852-3053

Hannah Jones
Executive Assistant/HR
Executive Assistant to Kay Marks. Coordinates staffing, job postings, transfer requests, position descriptions.
(715) 852-3052
Ashley Bauer
Human Resources Generalist
Manages certified and administrative staff licenses, lane advancement, staff recognition, employment reports, employment letters, letters of intent, requests for leave, and FMLA. 
(715) 852-3054

Kristine Nowak Burmeister
Human Resources Generalist
Administrative secretarial support for office, maintains personnel files, manages department budget, troubleshoots WECAN online application system with candidates, coordinates employment testing, conducts background checks, tracks student teacher placements/needs, and verifies TB testing. (715) 852-3050
Meghan Price
HR Manager
Manages Worker Compensation for district, coordinates with EDUStaff/AESOP, coordinates HR policies/programs ensuring that the organization is in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and coordinates Student Teacher program.  (715) 852-3033