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Act 143
In March 2017, the WI State Legislature passed ACT 143 to encourage school districts to study and improve emergency procedures and protocols.  Below is how the Eau Claire Area School District is addressing improvements in Safety and Security:

Safety Assessments
In December 2018, each school in the ECASD District conducted a School Security Assessment examining the Infrastructure, Technology, and Human Actions of each School.  This assessment was conducted in partnership with the Eau Claire Police Department, District Administrators, District Buildings and Grounds personnel, and the District Safety Coordinator.  Assessment results help schools and the district identify and improve processes, procedures, and overall security and safety for ALL students, staff, and community members.  This assessment will be repeated a minimum of once every three years at each ECASD school.
Safety Plans
Each school in ECASD has a specific Crisis Response Plan that guides the school to identify and respond to incidents.  These plans educate staff, teachers, students, and other key stakeholders to their roles and responsibilities before, during, and after an incident.  The guidelines and procedures in these plans outline an organized, systematic method to prepare, prevent, mitigate, respond to, and recover from incidents.

Safety Grants
Eau Claire Area School District has received two grants from the WI Department of Justice – Office of School Safety.  Grants have allowed improvements in secure entrances, additional security technology and communication tools, and necessary training of staff in threat assessment and mental health awareness.  

Safety Drills
Emergency drills are conducted at every ECASD school.  These include fire drills, severe weather (tornado) drills, and Intruder Alert and Get Out/Hide Out Drills. 

Mandatory Reporting of Threats
All school district employees are required to report any threat, whether spoken, written, or symbolic, to law enforcement if they believe that there is a serious and imminent threat to the health and safety of others.

Community & Family Safety
Eau Claire Area School District collaborates with multiple local agencies to ensure a safe and productive learning environment in all district schools.  Your family also plays a key role in ensuring everyone’s safety.  Take time to discuss these issues with your family and stay up to date with your school’s policies and procedures regarding safe schools.  Addressing Acts of Violence in Schools (A Guide for Educators and Parents).


Visit Speak Up Speak Out Wisconsin to learn more about this valuable partnership with the Wisconsin Department of Justice and the Office of School Safety.