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Inspire learning to today's youth while having the ability to set your own schedule. 

The Eau Claire Area School District partners with EDUStaff to provide substitutes for the district in the areas of Certified Teacher,
Clerical Staff, Support Staff, Food & Nutrition, and Buildings & Grounds. EDUStaff uses AESOP technology, and allows substitutes to search for available assignments any time. Questions or concerns? Visit EDUStaff or contact Kennedy Halling with EDUStaff at 877-974-6338 x1387/khalling@edustaff.org.  


Watch a TV interview with EDUStaff here or listen to a radio interview here to learn more about the need for subs.

2023-24 Substitute Salary Schedule

Edustaff Testimonials:
“The flexibility that comes with subbing can’t be beat. I’m in control of my schedule. I choose when and where I want to sub.”
“It fills the need I have to make a difference in the lives of kids.”
“It will help me down the road to know what areas I’m interested in looking into for a   future job.”
“I’m so appreciated at the schools.”
“I want to help schools run smoothly and kids to exceed in any way they can.”
“I love that I can go into an app and sign up to teach or work when I’m free.”