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Who are we?

ECASD Hmong families working to collaboratively partner with the Eau Claire School District in order to advocate and create educational opportunities and resources to inclusively educate and develop the identities of Hmong learners because it is the responsibility of all to educate, nurture and guide our next generation.

Vision Statement:
To create educational opportunities that focus on inclusion and create culturally responsive programming to meet the needs of Hmong children and families in a rapidly changing and diverse world.

Our Belief Statements:
  1. The family unit is the cornerstone of Hmong life, and society.
  2. The future of our society is dependent on the values taught and learned by our children.
  3. Hmong children and families must be given the chance to participate in their own learning process.
  4. Student learning and Hmong specific programming aimed at identity building must be part of the education process to foster a greater sense of self-esteem for Hmong children.
  5. Education must prepare learners to think critically and creatively about the world around them, so they can function in the complex and diverse world we live in.
  6. All learners are entitled to an equal opportunity for a quality education in order to achieve their unique potential.
  7. Learning is a life-long process and opportunities to learn should be available to all ages of all groups.
  8. A democratic society requires its citizens to be informed, to participate, and to morally and ethically be responsible for their actions.
  9. Everyone needs to be prepared to live in a global society, including Hmong learners and families.
  10. It is the responsibility of all to educate, nurture, and guide our next generation of Hmong children.