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Locust Lane's Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO)

President:   Malissa Dahlstrom - malissadahlstrom@yahoo.com
Vice President:  Carol Johnson - carolsiemers@gmail.com
Secretary:   Caitlin Duvall - Caitlin.Duval@wisconsin.gov
Treasurer:   Christina Geissler - Cgeissler@ecasd.us
Staff Representative:   Dana Abel - dabel@ecasd.us
Principal:   Laura Schlichting - lschlichting@ecasd.us
Family Advisor Council:  Brooke Cairns - cairnssb3251@gmail.com

Support Fundraising:

**We are seeking volunteers that would be willing to donate  2-4 hours a year in any of the following capacity:

Social Events

  • DQ Night
  • Picinic in the Park
  • Harvest Festival
  • Family Game Night
  • Family Move It Night
  • Breakfast with Buddies
  • School-Home Connections

  • Staff Conference Meals (2 events)
  • Staff Appreciation Week

Collect, Sort, Redeem School Reward (Cash-Back Incentives)

  • Milk Caps
  • Box Tops (highest earning classroom receives a pizza party!)
Vision Statement:
"Actively engage students, families, and staff to strengthen relationships within Locust Lane through events and educational opportunities"