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Locust Lane Library Volunteer Program

Locust Lane library volunteers are highly valued people in the library media center. These parents, grandparents, friends, and neighbors of Locust Lane Elementary School volunteer numerous hours throughout the school year in order to keep our Locust Lane library neat and accessible to students and teachers.
Locust lane library volunteers set their own schedules. Some volunteers come in at a scheduled time each week while others pop in when time permits.
Below you will find some of the duties that Locust Lane library volunteers are trained to do. Volunteers are encouraged to only perform the tasks that they are comfortable with.
  • Put books and materials in order on carts
  • Shelve books and materials
  • Check in materials
  • Check out materials to students and teachers
  • Help students and teachers locate materials
  • Tidy up the library
If you are interested in becoming a Locust Lane library volunteer, please contact:

Heather Currier-Clark
Partnership Coordinator
Link to email.