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    Welcome to Locust Lane Elementary School!  We have
315 students enrolled in our school with about
    50 staff members. As the principal of Locust Lane
    Elementary School, I am proud to share with you that we
    have a dedicated and passionate staff working every day
    with our students and families.  Together, we continue our
    work to ensure "all children are prepared for
    post-secondary success." 

At Locust Lane School, our staff strives to provide an education to the whole child.  We focus on academics and social-emotional learning each day.  Our school goals are focused on increasing achievement in the areas of Literacy, Mathematics, Language and Student Engagement.  Furthermore, we continue to work on our school-wide behavior expectations of being Respectful, Honest, Responsible, and Safe (RHRS).  Thank you for your work in supporting the learning of our students each day. 

Laura Schlichting