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District Sponsored Field Trips

Kindergarten ~ Children's Museum

Students will spend the day playing and exploring the Children's Museum interactive environment. Students will particpate in a special mapping activity.


Grade 1 ~ L.E. Phillips Public Library

Students will spend part of the day at the L.E. Phillips Public Library. Our time at the L.E. Phillips  Public Library supports the first grade social studies and reading and language arts curriculum. Activities your child will participate in during the day include touring the youth services area, learn about the library during a scavenger hunt, learn about the summer reading program, and check our books. 

Grade 2 ~ Beaver Creek Reserve

Beaver Creek Reserve is an environmental center located ten miles east of Eau Claire. The 360 acre reserve is home to many birds, animals, and flowers. It contains upland woods, prairies, river bottoms, forests, streams, and rocky falls. The scenic location is the site of our Second Grade Insect Study Field Trip. Our day at Beaver Creek supports the second grade science curriculum. Students will particpate in studying pond habitat, exploring the nature center, identifying insects, going on a nature hike, etc.

Grade 3 ~ Chippewa Valley Museum & Paul Bunyan Logging Camp

Your child will participate in tours and activities at the museum that will help them understand the exciting and intertwining stories of the people, places, and events that shaped life in the Chippewa Valley and throughout Wisconsin. The field trip is designed to complement the third grade social studies curriculum. Students will engage in activities that will reinforce what they know about many immigrant groups in the valley, including the Hmong, Ojibwe, European farmers, and loggers. The culture and lifestyles of the people will come alive as students engage in dialogue with the museum tour guides and explore authentic artifacts to discover and learn. Students will pariticpate and explore farm life, history quest, changing currents, etc.

Grade 4 ~ Chippewa Moraine Ice Age Reserve

The Ice Age Reserve is located seven miles east of New Auburn. This field trip supports our social studies curriculum. The day has been planned for our students to help them understand how our land was formed. Activities your child will participate in throughout the day are snowshoeing and hiking, touring the interactive exhibits in the Ice Age Visitor Center, participating in fur trade and logging era outdoor activities.

Grade 5 ~ Action City & Chaos Water Park

All ECASD fifth graders get to spend a fun-filled day at Action City and Chaos Water Park. Students get to full access to the trampoline park, water park and acrade.