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English Language Learners

Kristine Frazier       
Kristine Frazier    ext. 4839
 Bilingual Education Asstistants    
               Choua Her                  Xia Xiong                  
            Choua Her                   Xia Xiong              
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Misson: To increase English Learners' English proficiency by supporting linguistics, academic, and social growth through evidence-based approaches that are culturally relevant.

Criteria for determining English Learner services:
  1. When the ECASD home language survey indicates that a language other than English is or has been used, a language proficiency assessment will be administered by an English Learner (EL) Teacher. ECASD uses the WIDA MODEL assessment.
  2. When the language proficiency assessment indicates a student is eligible for EL instruction, the student must be assigned a Limited English Proficient (LEP) Level. The family will be notified within 30 days and can either accept or refuse services.
  3. The responsibility of establishing LEP Levels rests with the EL Consult team.
  4. Annually, all LEP students’ levels of proficiency must be reassessed and updated.  The Eau Claire Area School District uses the WIDA ACCESS 2.0 assessment

English Learner Levels