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There are times that your child cannot attend classes due to an illness, appointments, vacations or for other reasons. For each of those absences the school must be contacted ahead of time to let us know about the absence. 
An absence is defined as any date a child misses all or part of a day.
Please note that Wisconsin law states that families may excuse their child for all or part of a school day 10 times each school year. Should your child reach the 10 excused absences, you will receive a follow-up letter requiring a note from your health care provider to continue excusing your child’s absences. 

Medical Note Excuse

If you plan to take a vacation during the school your please notify the school principal by e-mail. This notification can be helpful if your child(ren) exceed 10 absent days.
Principal Joel Dimock, 715-852-4810
E-mail: jdimock@ecasd.us