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COVID-19 School Closure UpdateAll ECASD schools will be closed at the end of Monday, March 16.  Details have been sent to families through Skyward.  That message may be found at

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 The 1962-1963 Student Handbook

 We hope you enjoy perusing the pages of the 1962-1963 Student Handbook to see what things have changed and what things really haven't changed much at all!

Handbook-Front and Back Covers

Handbook-Page 1
Administrative and Guidance Staff Listing, 1962-1963 School Calendar

Handbook-Pages 2 and 3
Faculty Listing, Clock Schedule, Philosophy, Objectives, Traditions

Handbook-Pages 4 and 5
Our School Spirit, Lockers, Course of Study (Required/Elective Subjects)

Handbook-Pages 6 & 7
Explanation of Courses

Handbook-Pages 8 & 9
Explanation of Courses (continued)

Handbook-Pages 10 & 11
Explanation of Courses (continued)

Handbook-Pages 12 & 13
Floor Plan

Handbook-Pages 14 & 15
Course Explanation (last item), Hall Regulations, Leaving the Building, Announcements, Fire Drills, Telephoning, Lost and Found, Assemblies, Pledge of Allegiance, Noon Lunch, Make-up Work, Activities, Curricular Activities, Extra-Curricular Activities, Eligibility, Accidents and Injuries

Handbook-Pages 16 and 17
Football and Basketball Schedule, Service Awards, Achievement Awards, Citizenship Awards, Report Cards, Library Hours-Borrowing Rules-Fines-Rules of Conduct,

Handbook-Pages 18 and 19
Library Council, Book Rent, Attendance, Work Permit Considerations, Absence and Tardiness

Handbook-Pages 20 and 21
Smoking, Parking Lot Rules and Regulations, Bus Passes, Dropping a Subject, Tuition, Process of Withdrawal, Class and Student Council Elections

Handbook-Page 22
A Study Schedule

Handbook-Page 24