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College and Career Planning

Enjoy this Academic and Career Planning video!

College Board
This site includes information pertaining to post-secondary  planning including AP, SAT, college planning, college search, etc.

Steps to prepare and succeed in college, test prep, and more. 

Military: For information on the various military branches, the ASVAB test, Selective Services, or ROTC, please use the links below.
     Air Force
     Coast Guard
     National Guard
     Selective Service 
(Young men are required, by law, to register with the Selective Service when they reach the age of eighteen.
Programs of Study
The Eau Claire Area School District and its partners have developed several Programs of Study to serve as guidance tools for our students. Plans that have been completed to date have hyperlinks.

UW HELP has resources and information on admission requirements, majors and programs, applying online, campus tours, college costs and financial aid, housing and more.

Career Cruising
Take assessments, research careers, majors, and colleges, make a resume and cover letter, test prep, make a budget and more. NHS students may log in by using their school email and password.

Job Center
Need help finding a job? You may find the Manpower website or the Wisconsin Job Center website useful.