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Mission Statement

Robbins Elementary School students, parents, staff, and community are dedicated to provide a positive and safe environment for all children where academic achievement, caring, mutual respect, and opportunities for creative expression are paramount. We share the importance of maintaining good mental and physical health. We recognize and accept the individual differences among children providing appropriate programs to challenge and encourage all students to attain high individual levels of achievement and success while providing a safe, disciplined, and healthy environment.  
Our Vision:
ALL students will succeed; no exceptions!
Our Mission:
The Robbins' mission is to inspire lifelong learning in a positive and safe environment where students strive for their fullest potential. 
Robbins is a school where we believe:
*Lifelong learners are individuals who continue to adapt to their rapidly changing environment.

*They are able to think creatively and critically, work cooperatively, and solve problems.
*They respect their own uniqueness and that of others.
We believe:
 *Quality education assures individual growth in educational achievement, physical and mental well being, aesthetic appreciation, and social responsibility by all students.
 We believe:
*A positive safe environment is one in which mutual trust and respect combined with a positive climate are cultivated between students, parents/guardians, and staff.
 Further, we believe:
*Motivation, attitude, and positive modeling can enhance each individual’s chance for success.