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School Goals

We, the teaching staff at Robbins Elementary School, will use best practices of teaching so that 5% of our test takers will shift upwards in the Proficiency Categories of the Wisconsin State test for third, fourth and fifth graders, and no students will score in the minimal category in reading and math.
Through our increased collaborative efforts, book studies, RtI training, and data analysis, we believe we will become better practitioners and have a stronger understanding of best practices for all students but especially underachieving students.
We, the teaching staff at Robbins Elementary School, will strengthen our home/school/community connection to develop successful learners. 
We believe through regular communication between the home and school student effort and achievement will improve. We also hope to increase study habits and accountability for all students.
  • The school will include curriculum specialists, tutors, and parents in reading and math instruction. We will have a literacy coach,at Robbins. He/she will be here every day working closely with all classroom teachers in the area of literacy.  Our literacy coach will assist students who are below grade level but also students who need more attention to reach their potential.
  • The school will provide 3 common assessments for constructed response questions in math for grades 1-5.  Each assessment will compare the student with other students and with previous performances.  The constructed response technique demands that a student explain their mathematical strategies.  This helps to develop math sense and better use of language.
  • The school will provide opportunities for differentiated curriculum.  Differentiated curriculum is developed by looking at a student's individual needs and creating challenges based on those needs.
  • The school will emphasize the evaluating and extending text reading strand for all grades.
  • The school will provide opportunities for frequent parent/teacher/student communication.  This will include conferences and positive phone calls.
  • Homework expectations will be consistent across the grade level and communicated with parents.
  • The school will emphasize student effort, pride, and neatness.  Student work will not be graded unless it is legible. 
  • The school will continue a building-wide behavior accountability plan for all students. This is Disciplan or Fix it in Five.
  • The school will further a program to encourage positive behavior on the playground including Mileage Club, etc.
  • Robbins will continue Eagles’ Soar for the 2014-15 school year. Students currently in the staff/student mentoring program will continue with their Robbins staff mentor. 
  • The school will continue leadership programs for students including K-kids, Safety Patrol, Welcome Wagon, etc.
  • The school will continue discussing RtI and our Positive Behavior Intervention System, PBIS.  RtI is an instructional intervention program related to a student's individual needs in the academic or behavior realm.  PBIS focusses mainly on behavioral expectations.
  • The school will continue emphasizing post-secondary readiness skills for all students.