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Excellence for All,
Whatever it Takes!
We will communicate, cooperate, and collaborate to ensure all learners reach high social, emotional, and academic standards.
High Achievement
We will…
  •  Use a variety of assessment data to guide instruction and collaboration. 
  •  Define and share high achievement expectations and data with parents, community members, and students.
  •  Align our instruction to the common core state standards and use “I Can” statements to focus student learning goals.
Communicate, Collaborate, and Cooperate
We will…
  •   Embed social and emotional learning and community building throughout schedules and      curriculum for students and staff.
  •  Identify and explicitly and consistently teach behavior expectations with fidelity. (Safe learning environment.)
  •  Collaborate consistently using data-based decision making.
Differentiate Instructional Practices
We will…
  •  Seek out and attend professional development to learn strategies that address the diverse needs of our students.
  •  Use research-based instructional strategies to meet the needs of our students.
  •  Get to know our students.
  •  Use Culturally Responsive Practices.