Power Outage Cancels Longfellow Literacy Boost on July 18
Power Outage Cancels Longfellow Literacy Boost on July 18

Due to an electrical outage at Longfellow Elementary School, Literacy Boost at Longfellow is canceled for Thursday, July 18 only. There will be no busing from Longfellow to the Boys and Girls Club and YMCA. There will also be no breakfast or lunch served at Longfellow. The program, busing and meals will resume at Longfellow on Monday, July 22 as scheduled.  

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Every Student – Every Day!
Attendance Guidelines
We want your child with us every day and on-time to give us the opportunity to help them learn and achieve at high levels.
  • By law 10 is 10 - Students are allowed 10 excused absences (all or part of a day) per school year.
  • Please notify the office prior to or by 8:45 AM regarding any absence.
  • To avoid unexcused absences, please be sure to bring a note from any professional appointments for it to be considered excused.
  • Attendance will be taken 4 times per day based on the periods as listed below.
Period 1 8:45 – 10:30
Period 2 10:30 – 12:15
Period 3 12:15 – 2:00
Period 4 2:00 – 3:20
  • If your child is absent more than 5 minutes from ANY period, they will be marked absent for that period.
  • Early departures are also counted as absences.  You will need to work with the building principal in advance for any absences after 10 excused absences.
  • After 5 unexcused absences (all or part of a day), we will invite you to meet with us to help develop a plan to improve your child’s attendance.
  • 10 excused absences could be any combination of the following.
  • Personal Illness
  • Illness in the immediate family which requires the student to be absent because of family responsibilities
  • Funeral
  • Religious holiday
  • Family trips that can be taken only during the normal school term.  Family member must notify the school prior to their departure
  • Professional or court appointments that could not be scheduled outside the regular school day
  • Serious personal or family crisis
  • Special circumstances that show good cause which are approved in advance by the school principal.