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Partnership Coordinator Information

Volunteer Opportunities
What is the role of Sherman's Partnership Coordinator?

The Partnership Coordinator collaborates with faculty, community members, local business partners, and volunteers to develop programs and opportunities to enhance student and family success. This includes communicating and promoting opportunities within the school and the district to community members, families, local media, and others to increase engagement within our school. 


Volunteers are required to complete two forms and must be approved before volunteering at Sherman Elementary:

ECASD Volunteer Agreement ‚Äč
(Valid for 1 school year)

Volunteer Disclosure/Release of Information E-mail Consent Form
(Valid for 3 calendar years)

Sherman Elementary would like to encourage volunteers to complete the Disclosure/Release of Information form online for security purposes. The completeion of this form will prompt an email from investigatinos@fidelitec. with a link to start the background check process.


Steps to completing the Disclosure/Release of Information process:
(This is a two-step process. Check your email for step two.)
1. Potential volunteers complete the back of the  Volunteer Agreement form and the bottom portion of the Email Consent form. Both forms must be returned to Sherman Elementary.
2. Potential volunteers need to check their email inbox for an email sent to them via investigations@fidelitec. (This typically takes two or three days)
3. Complete all necessary information required by Fidelitec securely online, and that’s it!
*If you do not have email or internet access, please contact Samantha Zappa at 715-852-4807 for a paper copy of this form.
(This typically takes about two weeks)