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Sam Davey Elementary School

The mission of Sam Davey Elementary School is to educate our children to be critical thinkers and lifelong learners through innovative teaching strategies in a nurturing environment.
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Cost Detail / Total Cost
Helping Hands Greatest Need Fund
38% of Sam Davey families live in poverty and struggle to provide basic items for their children. The Helping Hands Fund provides essentials such as backpacks, coats, etc., as well as funds for needy students to participate in special non-athletic programs and field trips.
$100 supports one child for one year / $14,000
The Gift of Reading
Books are given out to all students three times per year so they can build a library of their own. 
$10/child / $3,000
Early Literacy
We encourage our kindergarteners to have parent/child reading time. Children are encouraged to take home fiction/non-fiction literacy bags to promote literacy. Each bag includes books, (2 fiction, 1 nonfiction), a hands-on creativity activity, a real-world activity, an imagination activity, and a response log for parent/child sharing.
$500/ classroom / $1,500
Learning with Technology
6 iPads to be used for Kindergarten small group math/ reading activities, 1 for Speech Therapy - $500 / $3,500
6 Kindles for Title I Reading Groups - $150 / $900
5 iPod Touches for Kindergarten - $150 / $650
Headsets with microphones for computer to use with Quick Reads (this is useful for students who need additional support reading fluently) - $25 / $250

Special Needs – Special Tools
Voice recorder to record the reading fluency of special education students and play it back for the student to hear.
$1,800 / $1,800