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Flynn Elementary

Our motto at Flynn is that we are on a quest for excellence.  We believe that learning together is a journey and that our goal on the journey is to achieve excellence. 
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Wish List - Needs Request
Cost Detail / Total Cost
Peace Site Project: see, understand and appreciate the world we live in.
Cameras for kids to take on family adventures - $15 each
Kid friendly maps for the adventure backpacks - $10 each
Stencil of US/World for the Playground - $150 and $180
Partially fulfilled thanks to Terry and Flo Sheridan and a grant from ECPSF!
$1,500 – $5000.00 / $3,000 still needed

Books and Reading For All
Reading is the best predictor of school success. We want all Flynn students to have books of their own and book bags for storage and transportation from home to school.
$30 will support 10 children / $1,500
Journals and Bare Books
As part of the social/emotional curriculum at Flynn, we provide each student with a blank book at the beginning of the year. These journals represent a place for students to keep their thoughts and discoveries.
$30 will support 10 children / $500
Meet the Diverse Reading and Cultural Learning Needs of Students
We like to study at least three different cultures or countries a year to broaden our students understanding of the world. We need books for each grade level in order to achieve this goal.
$120 will support one book study / $360
We believe that children need peaceful, introspective choices at recess and would love to build a labyrinth on our playground. The sky’s the limit on this one!
$10,000+ / $10,000