• (715) 852-5200
Wisconsin Statute 118.15 requires that all students between the ages of 6 and 18 be regular in school attendance. Regular and punctual school attendance, which is necessary for satisfactory progress, is your responsibility. When you are absent from school, have your parent or guardian call the school (715-852-5200) prior to 9:00 AM stating the reason for your absence. A call can be made day or night; press “1” for “Attendance” and leave a message. If no call is received from your parent or guardian, the absence will be recorded as “truant” until a note or call is received.
  • The school attendance officer is empowered to approve excused absences per the Eau Claire Area School District Parent/Student Handbook.
All other student absences from school will be recorded as UNEXCUSED. Unexcused is defined as any absence from part or all of one or more days of school during which the school attendance officer has not been notified of the legal cause of such absence by the parent or guardian.
If your parent or guardian is unable to call the school, you must bring an excuse written by them. Present this excuse to the attendance office on the first day back after your absence.
If you are absent from school or a class without a legitimate reason, you will be marked truant and will be assigned detention. If skipping becomes a problem, you may be assigned in-school suspension, and reported to the court system if the behavior persists. If you are absent on the day of an extra-curricular activity, you will not be allowed to participate in that activity.
You are expected to remain on the school grounds once you have reached school in the morning or while you are attending special events held after school. If you are required for any reason to leave the school grounds early during the school day, you should bring a note of explanation from home to the attendance office. An early dismissal slip will be given to you to show to the teacher of the class from which you must leave. Check in at the attendance office when you return to the building,
If you enter school after morning roll call, you must check in at the attendance office before reporting to your first class.