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Eau Claire Middle School Athletic Code

Program Philosophy
  • We believe that all students have the right to participate in athletics regardless of their experience and ability level.
  • South athletics is a “no cut” program and our coaches are expected to play everyone as equally as possible. 
  • Playing time could be adjusted if there are issues regarding attendance, attitude, effort, and cooperation.
Academic Eligibility
  • Academic eligibility is determined by the previous quarter grades.  Quarter 1 eligibility for 8th graders is based on the grades received Quarter 4 of the last school year. 7th graders start with a “clean slate”.
  • A student who receives one or more failing quarter grade on their last report card will be placed on academic probation. 
This means that although they are allowed to practice, they may not participate in the first contest of the season. 
  • If the student is passing all classes after the first contest, they are taken off academic probation and are allowed to fully participate.
  • If the student is failing one or more classes after the first contest, the student will not be allowed to compete until the grade(s) are brought up to passing.