• (715) 852-5200

Team 7Q

Team 7Q has Team meeting time during period 7 (1:29-2:18 p.m.)

Team members can be contacted either by e-mail or telephone.  During the school day, 7:30 am - 2:51 pm, all directly dialed calls are routed to voice mail to keep classroom interruptions to a minimum.

If you call South's main phone number, 715-852-5200, press 0 for the operator, then request to be connected directly to the teacher's classroom.  If the teacher has either team meeting time or preparation time, our office staff can connect you to the teacher's classroom.


Brian Duncan
Phone: 715-852-5251

Jack Micholic
Phone: 715-852-5283

Tom Savaloja
Phone: 715-852-5341
Social Studies

Rebecca Schwanz
Phone: 715-852-5254