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Practice Resources - Finale

You can download the Finale Notepad 2012 installation file via these links: 

 Finale Notepad 2012 for Windows/PC     or     Finale Notepad 2012 for Windows/PC

 Finale Notepad 2012 for Mac/Apple        or     Finale Notepad 2012 for Mac/Apple

This file is both free of charge and guaranteed virus-free. Once you have downloaded the file, double-click it to begin the installation.  Follow the prompts until the installation is finished.  For clarification and help, you may view the Installation Guide here.  

PLEASE NOTE THIS CHANGE:  To practice songs, click on the links shown below for each grade/ensemble; the links will take you to my Google Drive folder, and there you can click on individual songs and choose to either open them immediately or download and save them to your computer for later opening with Finale Notepad 2012.

Chorus 6

Chorus 7                   

Chorus 8