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Fundraising Opportunities

Box Top Contest
As a way to help manage the thousands of box tops that come into Roosevelt, we offer you this handy collection sheet. Click here for the sheet: Box-Top-Collection-Form Only box tops worth $0.10 each should be taped to this sheet. We have found glue &r olled tape don't hold as well as placing the tape over the box top. Please bag those marked as "bonus" box tops separately. This event brings approximately $2000 to the Roosevelt PTA each year. Thank you for your support. BoxTops4Education

Milk Moola Caps and Glaser Ovals
Please remember to save the caps & bag tops from Kwik Trip products with the Milk Moola image. They are worth $0.05. The oval price tag from Kwik Trip glasers are worth $0.10 each. 

RCU $chool $ense
RCU is here Thursday mornings to allow students & staff with RCU accounts to make deposits. For every 500 deposits made, Roosevelt PTA earns $250.00. For more information on opening an RCU Super Saver Account click on the red title. This program typicall earns Roosevelt's PTA about $1000.00.

Target's Take Charge of Education
If you have a Target card, designate Roosevelt Elementary School to receive a percentage of your sales.