COVID-19 School Closure Update
COVID-19 School Closure UpdateAll ECASD schools will be closed at the end of Monday, March 16.  Details have been sent to families through Skyward.  That message may be found at

For more information about At-Home Learning and other resources, go here:

  •  (715) 852-6600


French Club Candy Sales-02/03/20-02/14/20
Circle of Friends Accepts donations throughout the year
Spanish Travel Club Sales: Sweets - on Fridays
Student Council Check back often for updates!

Ongoing Fundraisers at North

KWIK TRIP Milk Moola & Donuts to Dough Redemption Program:
Please save Milk Moola caps, bag tops, donut price ovals,and 16 oz. or larger Nature's Touch Ice Cream UPC bar codes. Just collect them and turn them in at the main office at North.
Eau Claire's BEST BUY is involved in a test program called Reward Zones for Schools, which empowers Best Buy customers to help support their local school in the area by donating Reward Zone points at the register.  North is participating in this great program.  When a customer makes a purchase, 2% of the purchase is credited to North.  North then receives certificates to be redeemed for items that can be used by North Students.  Here is our member number: 2753128017     if you do not have the number ask the clerk to redeem points to NorthHigh School and they will look up the number.
CASH FOR TRASH: we found a company that will pay us for empty inkjet printer cartridges and old cell phones. They recycle the cartridges and phones. Here’s how it works: inkjet cartridges and old cell phones can be collected from home, friends, co-workers and local businesses. Collected inkjet cartridges and old cell phones should be brought to school in a plastic bag to prevent leakage. Cartridges and phones will be shipped to the recycling company. Our school earns $2.25 per inkjet cartridge or cell phone accepted. Thank you for your support.
 OFFICE DEPOT: 5% Back to School Program gives you an opportunity to support North. When you shop at Office Depot inform them that you would like to select North to receive a credit of 5% of qualifying school supply purchases. School ID #70108682 (they have the number at the store so don’t worry about remembering the number).