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MHS Hall of Fame News

MHS Hall of Fame

What is the Hall Of Fame?

As you might already be aware, on behalf of Eau Claire High School's and Memorial High School's athletic programs, past and present, the Eau Claire Old Abe Hall of Fame has been established. The Hall of Fame features former Old Abe athletes, coaches, and athletic directors.

It is an honor to inform the public that athletes and coaches have been selected as charter members by the Hall of Fame to represent Eau Claire's outstanding athletics. Their involvement in their respective sports has undoubtedly made a tremendous impact on the subsequent success of our programs as later generations of young athletes have and will continue to look at their legacy as an example of dedication to sports and the school.

Plaques, permanently mounted in a designated hallway, with recognition of their achievements will serve as a reminder of their contributions to our community and especially our youth. They should be commended for exemplifying the essence of Old Abe spirit.


Inductee's Name-Year of HS Graduation-Year Inducted
Akervik, Andy-1985-2005
Bakken, Tim-1976-2009
Barneson, Bob-1956-2005
Berg, Cy-1941-2006
Berkey, Ben-1995-2006
Bohlig, Gregg-1970-2005
Bohman, Dennis-1959*-2006
Boone, Colin, 2005-2013
Bowman, Jim-1953-2006
Buck, Cub-1911-2005
Buenzli, Erin - 1992-2013
Cartenson, Jerry-1996-2007
Cartenson, Sherm-1996-2007
Coggins, John-1959-2006
Curtis, Vern-1963-2005
Dick, Greg-1975-2006
Domer, Paul-1991-2013
Dufrane, Stan-1974-2006
Ellenson, Jeff-1965-2006
Engebretson, Ralph-1927-2005
Etten, Kirk-1978-2007
Farrell, Stephanie-1991-2011
Fields, Regan-1998-2007
Gallagher, John-1940-2005
Gelein, Jr., Harold "Hud"-1958-2007
Gelein, Sr., Harold "Hud"-1912-2007
Gibbs, Harry-1944*-2006
Hagen, Phil-1966-2005
Hall, Bob-1966-2005
Hanaford, (Christie) Katrina-1993-2005
Hansis, Tom-1964-2009
Hanson, Arnie-1935-2011
Hanson, Dick-1962-2011
Hendrickson, Jimmy-1931-2005
Hessler, Bob-1951-2005
Hillestad, Stan-1951-2006
Hoffman, Brad-1980-2009
Howe, Jim-1968-2006
Johnson, Dave-1975-2007
Johnson, Jim-1951-2006
Johnson, Roger "Whitey"-1955-2005
Johnson, Stan-1962-2005
Johnson, Vic-1939-2005
Jordan, Don-1950-2009
Kaiser, Melissa-2001-2011
Kohlhepp, Trevor-1991-2011
Kronenberg, Harold "Diz"-1942-2005
LaBarbera, Michael-1999-2006
Lahner, Ted-1954-2006
Lee "Pinky" Don-1957-2009
Lehman, Wally-1936-2009
Lewis, Dick-1942-2011
Litscher, Traci-2004-2013
Lundquist, Bekka-2000-2013
MacKenzie, Reed-1960-2011
McNicoll, Julie-1985-2007
Melrose, Michael-1999-2009
Mencel, Charley-1951-2005
Mickelson, Sue-1981-2011
Milne, William "Bill"-1994-2007
Moch, Nate-1999-2006
Moch, Wendy-1996-2006
Monson, Karl-1989-2013
Morley, Stanley-1970-2011
Mueller, Julie-1991-2013
Norman, Erik-1984-2005
Novak, John-1929*-2005
Olson, Adolph "Ade"-1923-2005
Olson, Aubrey-1950-2006
Ostenso, Brian-1969-2013
Ostenso, Karen-1980-2009
Postlewaite, Jenny-1989-2006
Poquette, Ron-1962-2007
Poquette, Tom-1970-2005
Priest, Bill-1983-2006
Radedeau, Jason-1983-2005
Rada, Jack-1956-2005
Reetz, Mike-1966-2006
Rhin, Joe-1984-2009
Rossato, Guy-1974-2006
Rowe, Jenny-1983-2013
Ryder, Sara-1991-2009
Saito, Lincoln-1966-2011
Schaaf, John-1959-2006
Schemberger, Jeff-1990-2011
Stien, Todd -1994-2007
Stewart, Jim-1963-2013
Suppon, John-1969* -2006
Tornowske, Dick -1958 -2006
Van Gorden, Jim -1959 -2005
Vine, Sara-2002-2013
Walker, Link -1943 -2006
Washburn, Ade -1945- 2006
Weld, Elizabeth -1993 -2011
Werner, Kelly D. -1995 -2009

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