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COVID-19 ClosureAll schools will be closed for the duration of the public health emergency, as stated by Governor Evers. 
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Databases for Social Studies

Depending on your project, there may be additional databases that fit your needs.

Britannica | general encyclopedia - great for background knowledge

Britannica School Atlas | Interactive world atlas

CQ Researcher | In-depth reports and news on social, political and world issues
Login: mhs / mhs

CultureGrams | Information, culture, and recipes from over 200 countries
Login: memorial / memorial


Gale in Context | Research and articles for all curriculum areas

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Gale Nonfiction eBooks | Electronic books on research topics

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Gale Opposing Viewpoints | Presents all sides of important issues through articles, primary source documents, and more

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Gale Global Issues | Critically analyze and understand the most important issues of the modern world

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History Reference Center | Extensive articles and information about history topics

MAS Complete | Magazines, full text reference books, biographies and primary source documents designed specifically for high school research

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Points of View Reference Center | Research different points of view on hundreds of national and world topics

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World Geography | All about countries and cultures, plus maps

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