• (715) 852-6900

How to Apply

Credit Component
To apply to the Credit Component contact:

Delong Middle School                                     Memorial High School
Tim O'Reilly                                                        Kurt Madsen
715-852-4911                                                     715-852-6311

North Star Middle School                               South Middle School
Tim Skutley                                                        Jennifer McDonough
715-852-5111                                                     715-852-5212

North High School                                            Altoona High School
Amy Zais                                                            Jay Mielke
715-852-6612                                                     715-839-6031 x404

Competency Component
To apply to the Competency Component:

If you are 17 years of age OR are currently attending Altoona, Memorial, or North high school contact:

Altoona High School                                         Memorial High School
Jay Mielke                                                            Kurt Madsen
715-839-6031 x404                                              715-852-6311

North High School
Amy Zais

If you are 18 to 20 years of age, have not graduated from high school, AND have not attended Altoona, Memorial, or North high school for one semester or more contact:

McKinley Charter School
Pete Riley