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Contributions of time, talents, and funds are vital to the success of McKinley Charter School. Current and former governance board members have given generously of their time.

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Former Governance Board members include:
Sara Baer                               Pat McNally
Carl Bahnson                         Tim O’Reilly
Doug Diermeier                      Betty Paskausky
Linda Clark                             Deb Severson
Ron Cramer                            Judith Schindler
Craig Faulkner                        Brian Schulner
Michelle Golden                      Sandra Severson
David Hamberger                    Bonnie Shaw
Chris Helder                            Maureen Slauson
Arita Jevens                            Jenny Stark
Lloyd Joyal                              Sue Steffes
Mary Jurmain                          Dan Strehlau
Jon Lewsivanski                     John Wallace
Howard Ludwigson                 Johanna Warloski
Jennifer McDonough              Amy Zais

Grant Funds Secured by the McKinley Charter School:

$100,000                                Collaboration Grant
$67,000                                  Charter School Implementation Grant
$62,750                                  Charter School Implementationo Renewal Grant
$33,000                                  Charter School Dissemination Grant
$786,667                                Homeless Children and Youth Grants
$7,000                                    ATOD Mini Grants
$1,046,417                             Total Grant Dollars

Services to McKinley Students
  • 1409 graduates of McKinley Charter School
  • Adopt a highway project completed for 14 years by McKinley Charter School students
  • Adopt a lake project completed for seven years by McKinley Charter School students
  • Participation in venturing crew through Boy Scouts of America

Innovations at McKinley Charter School
  • Restitution discipline model
  • Brain research training and curriculum design
  • Tom Jackson initiative program
  • Detention Center programming (Now required statewide)
  • Jail programming for 17 to 21 year olds (now required statewide)
  • Full spectrum lighting (now used in all district schools)
  • Shared best practices on charter school governance and contractual issues through DPI

Financial contributors to the school include:
Jackie Belka
Beth Gardow
Beth Mule
BJ Kiley
Blade Millworks
Brackett American Legion
Carl Bahnson
Cash Back for Schools
Jesse Henning
Doug Diermeier
Eau Claire Kiwanis
Alyce Knueppel
Eau Claire Noon Rotary
Goeppinger Family
George Utphall
Junior League - Eau Claire
Lions Club
Kurt Madsen
Mark Larson
Mary Schlageter
Michael Siker
Northwestern Bank
Nannette Christianson
Optomists Club
Peter Riley
Wesley Moskal
Sue Waits

Contribute to McKinley Charter School

Contributions to the schools are greatly appreciated. If you are interested in contributing financial resources, equipment, or your time or talents please contact us.