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Research Steps

Connect: Observe, experience, connect a subject to self and previous knowledge. 

Wonder: Predict, develop questions and hypotheses.

Construct: Draw conclusions, arrive at new understandings. 

Express: Apply understandings to a new context, share learning with others. 

Reflect: Examine one's own learning and ask new questions.

Research Websites for Students

Encyclopedias and Almanacs

Encyclopedia Britannica
Articles and pictures for research topics

Fact Monster
Fast facts on math, science, the world, people, and sports

Scholastic GO! Online
The New Book of Knowledge encyclopedia, plus "Amazing Animals" and  "America the Beautiful" (states and regions of the U.S.)

KidzSearch Encyclopedia


Pebble Go
Information on animals, biographies, earth/space, and social studies for beginning readers

Pebble Go Next
States and regions and Native American tribes

Videos and nonfiction ebooks on a variety of social studies and science topics

Dictionaries and Thesauruses

Words and their meanings

Synonyms and antonyms

Rhyme Zone
Online rhyming dictionary and thesaurus