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Learning Videos

Week of May 26-29:

Making New Words 
Mrs. Munz us showing how you can take one word and turn it into several new words simply by changing one letter. 
Sentence Dictation 
Mrs. Joiner-Burton will say a sentence and you will write it.  We focus on sentence structure, sight words and sounding out words.
Summer Reading Ideas 
Mrs. Koehler will share some ideas for summer reading and encourage you to continue working on essential reading skills, as you prepare for first grade. 
Thursday Read aloud to get ready for Friday
Friday Read aloud
Friday comparing non-fiction books
We are going to compare two non-fiction books this week. Help Mrs. Dasher think of some ways they are the same and ways they are different using a Venn diagram. 

Decade Numbers & Extra Ones 
Mrs. Koehler will review counting by 10’s to 100 and higher. I will review writing and reading decade numbers on their own and adding extra ones.  
Addition & Subtraction Fluency Mrs. Dasher will lead us in fluently adding and subtracting equations within 5.    
 Mrs. Munz is showing different objects and talking about why some things sink while others float.  
Mrs. Joiner-Burton will show you how to measure capacity of containers.  We will use measure more and less. 

Week of May 18-22:
Nonfiction Lesson
Join Mrs. Dasher as we look at how illustrations help us learn more in nonfiction books. 
Summer Writing
Mrs. Munz helps us practice our writing skills by sharing the things we love about summer. 
Tuesday Read Aloud
Comparison of 2 fiction books
Venn Diagram
Mrs. Joiner-Burton will read 2 fairy tales and discuss.  In the bonus video, she shows how Venn diagrams are another tool that can be used when comparing books.   
Thursday Worm Reading
Thursday Worm Writing
Mrs. Koehler will be teaching a bit of science, reading, and writing with you about earthworms. The main idea: I will  be leading you in an Informational Writing lesson about earthworms 

Measurement: Length and Height
Mrs. Joiner-Burton teaches how students can use common household objects to explore the concepts of length and height. 
3D Shapes 
Tuesday 3D Shapes Activity​
Mrs. Koehler will review 3D shapes. We will review the cube, sphere, cone, and cylinder.  
Adding More to Make Equal Groups 
Mrs. Dasher will show you how we can add more to a group to make equal groups. 
Taking Away to Make Equal Groups 
Mrs. Munz will help you practice making groups equal by taking some away. 

Week of May 11-15

Word Families 
Mrs. Dasher will lead us in making, saying, and recording words in different word families. 
Elkonin Sound Boxes
Practice sounds boxes using four and five sounds with Mrs. Munz.
Rhyming Words 
Mrs. Joiner-Burton will review rhymes.  When given a word, children will produce a rhyming word.   
Story Maps 
Mrs. Koehler will share a lesson about story mapping for retelling a story.  

Comparing Weight 
Mrs. Joiner-Burton shows how to compare objects, using the words “heavier” and “lighter” to describe weight.   
Adding Within 10 
Mrs. Koehler will review adding numbers within 10, using the strategies we know.  
Subtracting Within 10
Mrs. Dasher shows how to practice subtracting within 10, using the strategies we know to help us. 
Teen Numbers 
Join Mrs. Munz as she helps us find groups of ten and extra ones to make teen numbers.
Thematic Learning Lesson: 
Story: Not Norman, A Goldfish Story
Science Lesson 
Join Mrs. Dasher as we learn about goldfish by observing a goldfish, labeling parts of a goldfish, and seeing the life cycle of a goldfish. 
Get your paper and crayons ready to do a directed drawing of a goldfish. 

Week of May 4-8
Reading and Word Work
“L” Blends Phonemic Awareness

Join Mrs. Dasher as she leads us through a phonics lesson using words with an “L” blend.
Writing--Frog Life CycleMrs. Munz shares a writing lesson as a follow-up to the Frog Life Cycle lesson from last Friday.
Fiction versus Nonfiction
Mrs. Joiner Burton reviews characteristics of fiction and non-fiction books.
Writing—Steps to Planting a Seed
Mrs. Koehler leads writing a How To about planting seed.

Writing to 100
Mrs. Joiner-Burton will review writing numbers to 100.
Partners of 6, 7, 8
Mrs. Koehler reviews math mountains and partners of the numbers 6, 7, and 8.
Ten Partner Game 
With a partner at home, Mrs. Dasher will teach you how to play a 10-Partner game.
Partners of 9, 10
Mrs. Munz reviews math mountains and partners of the numbers 9 and 10.
Friday Thematic Lesson:
Story: If You Plant a Seed
Mrs. Koehler reads the story, If You Plant a Seed. It is about planting a different kind of seed...a seed of kindness!
Planting Seeds Activity
Mrs. Koehler leads us in an activity about planting a seed. You will also get to see the life cycle of a flower.

Week of April 27-May 1
Reading and Word Work
Diagraph Phonemic Awareness
Practice diagraphs with Mrs. Dasher.
Handwriting Without Tears Nn-Zz
Continue practicing writing letters with Mrs. Koehler.
Retelling a Story
Mrs. Joiner Burton gives us tips on reading with our kids. 
Sound Boxes & Word List
Use sound boxes to practice spelling 2 and 3 letter words with Mrs. Munz.

Night Sky Part 1
Use Stars to practice number partners with Mrs. Dasher
Night Sky Part 2 & Example
Help Mrs. Munz add math problems to our night sky. 
Puzzle Penguin Writes Teen Numbers
Practice teen numbers with Mrs. Joiner Burton and Mr. Puzzle Penguin.
Story Problems
Can you solve Mrs. Koehler's ladybug story problem? 

Week of April 20-24
Reading and Word Work
Heggerty- Beginning, Middle, End Sounds
Listen close to Mrs. Dasher to practice beginning, middle, and end sounds of words.
Handwriting Without Tears Aa through Mm
Practice writing letters with Mrs. Koehler.
Sight Word Practice
Continue to practice reading and writing sight words with Mrs. Joiner-Burton. 
Narrative Writing
Mrs. Munz wrote about her dog. Practice your own narrative writing.

Counting Objects to 20
Find something to count with Mrs. Joiner-Burton.
Identify and Write Numbers
Use your number rhymes as you write numbers 1-20 with Mrs. Dasher. 
Math Mountains
Mrs. Munz helps you practice number partners using math mountains. 
Building Teen Numbers
Build teen numbers with Mrs. Koehler and break them apart into equations. 

Week of April 14-17
Reading and Word Work
CVC Word Practice
Help Mrs. Munz finding the missing letter in CVC words. 
Practice rhyming and sight words in nursery rhymes with Mrs. Koehler.
Sentence Building
Help Mrs. Dasher build a sentence.
Sight Word Writing (Part 1)
Kindergarten students have a list of 22 sight words they should be able to read and write by the end of the year. Practice these words with Mrs. Joiner-Burton.

Counting On
Practice counting by playing Counting On with Mrs. Koehler.
Adding with Dominos and Dice
Grab some dominos or dice and practice adding with Mrs. Munz.
Counting to 100 by 10s and 1s
Mrs. Joiner BUrton wants you to practice counting by 10s and 1s and writing numbers.
Play a fun subtraction game with Mrs. Dasher

Kindergarten Family Communication

Our Kindergarten teachers use email, Skyward and have private classroom Facebook pages to communicate with their families.  

Mrs. Dasher (rdasher@ecasd.us)
Mrs. Joiner-Burton (kjoinerburton@ecasd.us)
Mrs. Koehler (kkoehler@ecasd.us)
Mrs. Munz (amunz@ecasd.us)

Learning Checklist June 1-5
Learning Checklist May 26-29
Learning Checklist May 18-22
Learning Checklist May 11-15
Learning Checklist May 4-8
Learning Checklist April 27-May 1

Learning Checklist April 20-24

Learning Resources

Word Family Lists
Use these word family lists to help you in preparing the word family activity (from lesson video on Monday, May 11) for your child.

These pages are to use with our Goldfish lesson on Friday, May 15.

Narrative Writing Convention Checklist
Use this writing checklist when finished with a narrative story. Your child will self-evaluate each part of a narrative story. 

Narrative Writing Anchor Chart
When writing a narrative story, make sure your story has these key parts.

Word Wall for Kindergarten
Use this word wall to help you spell our 22 sight words (highlighted in yellow) and some other commonly used words.

Number Rhymes
Use these rhymes to help when writing numbers.

120 Chart
Use this chart for many of our math activities. 

Fun Movement Activities
Pencil Rolls
Helicopter Spins
Creep Track

Mrs. Severson's April National Poetry Month Activity

Celebrate Spring and April as National Poetry Month with the fun poetry activity for grades K-3. Fun for the whole family!! Plus other fun poetry resources.

Mrs. Severson's April National Poetry Month Activity
Another poetry idea to discuss feelings and emotions and put them into a poem to express our feelings for students in grades K-3. Great for the whole family!

Card Math Board
Here is a math board of activities using the Ace-10 cards in a deck of cards. Don’t have a deck of cards? You can easily make your own 1-10 cards to use. You will need four of each number.

Sight Word Activities
Here are some great ways to practice our sight words. 

I Love to Write Bingo Board
A Bingo board that gives students choice in what they would like to write. Use it as a family to complete or have siblings use it to see who can get Bingo first!!!

Scavenger Hunts
Here are some simple scavenger hunts to do with your child around the house/neighborhood. See how many things you can find!
  1. Indoor Scavenger Hunt
  2. Inventor Scavenger Hunt
  3. Math Scavenger Hunt
  4. Book Scavenger Hunt
  5. Rainbow Scavenger Hunt
  6. 5 Senses Scavenger Hunt
  7. Backyard Scavenger Hunt

Heggerty is our phonemic awareness program we use daily. Here is a video about it and a link to resources from Heggerty to use with your child. 
Heggerty Video
Heggerty Resources

Lunch Doodle
Participate in a Lunch Doodle with author Mo Willems!

Think Central: Students use Think Central during Math to extend their learning on math concepts. Follow these steps to access Think Central.

TumblebooksEnjoy listening and watching story books online

ABC YaPractice reading, writing and math skills by playing fun games

Storyline OnlineEnjoy watching story books ready by celebrities

Pebble Go: Research and learn about a topic

PBS Kids: Play some fun educational games

Brain Break Videos

Cosmic Kids Yoga: Enjoy listening to stories while doing yoga

Peace Out: Find a comfortable spot and relax your body and mind

Koo Koo Kanga Roo: Get your body up and moving with Koo Koo Kanga Roo

Go Noodle: Do some fun movement breaks