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Story Time

Ms. Ballard reading The Golden Rule by Ilene Cooper

Also visit the Library Resources page to hear Ms. Cottrell reading The Terrible Two by Jory John, Mac Marnett, and Kevin Cornell (chapters added each day)


Video from Ms. Ballard
Hey, 5th grade! I hope that you are all working to keep your brains busy, and helping to keep your families happy too. Here's an example of what my kids are doing right now, and a schedule suggestion for you. If you can loosely mimic the routine that we have at school, you'll find that these days move by quickly and you might not be so bored feeling. Let's not just veg-out in front of the tv or with video games! Enjoy the vid and stay healthy!!
-Ms. Ballard


Math Games
Try these fun math games for the week of April 7-13th. 

Khan Academy
Students may engage in learning of all types, but Lakeshore Fifth Grade teachers will be using Khan Academy specifically for Mathematics supplementation. Here, students can access instructional and review videos, practice their skills and check their understandings through lesson quizzes and unit assessments. Common fifth-grade concepts to explore include fractions (all operations), ratios and proportions, decimals (all operations), shifts in base-10 and more. You may also select “5th Grade” to see related skills that are on-target for your fifth grade student.


ReadWorks: Students have utilized this resource in class before and should be well acquainted with the resource. Teachers can open texts for students to read, as well as questions to respond to for a set of articles, or one by one. Please use the classroom specific code below to see what your teacher has opened:

                Ballard: GGGTX5

                Burg: PTFYPX

                Stearns: WJW256

Please check into ReadWorks weekly to see which articles your teacher has opened!

This is a new resource, developed specifically for this sudden shift to online and distance practice and learning. Here, students will find a set of resources tailored to their general grade level, that should engage students for between 2-3 hours per day for completion. These resources are highly engaging and include virtual trips, videos, interviews, sound bites, games and more related to the reading topics presented. Let’s try these instead of video games!

Flipgrid Class Connection

On Flipgrid there is a space for 5th graders to check in with each other via video. The Flip Code for the class is cottrellls. Please let Ms. Cottrell (lcottrell@ecasd.us) know if you have trouble accessing the Flipgrid group.