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At Lakeshore, we use educational technology to support and promote student learning and achievement. We utilize the following educational technologies:

  • SMARTboards – for creating interactive, digitized lessons and utilize online databases and interactive resources

  • Document Cameras – to model strategies and share student work

  • iPads – For Writing (Google Docs feedback), Schoology for assessments, resource sharing, and online discussions, Daily 5 (Listen to Reading-Audiobooks and Read to Self-eBooks), keyboarding, research projects, creating Podcasts and iMovie Booktrailers

Google Drive and Google Apps like Pages and Presentation allow teachers to provide extensive and near immediate feedback on student work including research presentations and writing.
Feel free to contact the Library Media Specialist, Caroline Akervik at cakervik@ecasd.us, or your child’s teacher if you would like to find out more about how technology is used in the classroom.