COVID-19 Closure
COVID-19 ClosureAll schools will be closed for the duration of the public health emergency, as stated by Governor Evers. 
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Dear Families and Guardians of Students with Individual Education Plans,

During the state-mandated school closure, the goal of the Eau Claire Area School District is to provide at-home learning opportunities for students. To support your child’s IEP goals, special education staff have been preparing supplemental learning materials to provide continued practice. In the coming days, if not already, you will receive a document that summarizes your child’s IEP goals and includes supplemental learning activities that may be completed at home during this time. When school resumes, IEP teams will need to make a determination if compensatory services are needed under applicable standards and requirements. 

Even during school closures, school districts are required under IDEA law to adhere to IEP and evaluation timelines. Therefore, IEP and evaluation meetings will continue to occur during the school closure and will be held in a virtual manner. We understand this may not be as personal as a face-to-face meeting; however, we want to take precautions and exercise social distancing. Special education staff will be in communication with families regarding scheduling these meetings. If you have any special education related questions or concerns during the school closure, please contact your child’s IEP manager.   

As our community continues to prepare for and respond to the ongoing spread of COVID-19, I hope you and your family are able remain safe and healthy. 

Thank you,
Mandy Van Vleet
Director of Special Education
Eau Claire School District
(715) 852-3074