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Weekly Library Lessons

Children's House (lessons for 10/27)

4 year olds: Letter of the Week - Letter T

5 year olds:

  1. Biblioburro (Nonfiction about Colombia, Biblioburro by Jeanne Winter, PBS POV Documentary clip)
  2. Coloring books

E1 -  October 20  October 23

First and Second Grade
        - Materials needed: iPad, Crayons, and Pebble Go picture (Agustinia)
        - Lesson: Research – Pebble Go! (22 minutes)
        - Activity: Play around in Pebble Go and draw a dinosaur (Use earbuds/headphones if desired)

Third Grade
        - Materials needed: Pencil and handouts
        - Lesson: How to become President (38 minutes)
        - Read Aloud: Included in lesson
 ‚Äč       - Activity: Mad Lib (Hand out Mad Lib paperwork first. The “If I were” paperwork can be handed out after the first page is completed).

E2 for 10/27

  1. Watch one or both:
    1. How a Book is Made (20 min)
      1. Need: blank paper, scissors
    2. How a Library is Made (18 min)
      1. Need: dream library paper

--Bob Chapter Book 
--Prairie Lotus Chapter Book 

Handy Technology How-to Videos:

iPad Setup -- Getting Your iPad Setup for the First Time
iPad Setup -- Changing Your Wallpaper
iPad Setup -- Outlook and TEAMS

iPad Setup -- Sora

If these do not help, please call our I/T department at 715-852-3411.